Getting better

As you alredy knew that we are having little
problem in drinking water system and we are
looking for the better way.So we have already
came to the end of problem.We are feeling more
easier nowadays because atleast our all problem are
solved.First its all thanks to our senior person
{MAMA, ANI and ACHA TSERING}. And then all thanks
to our small children,without
whom i think it was impossible.
Ani la who is in red clothes also gave us lots
of instruction and advices to do.She is also very
kindful and very good advice giver.Not only this
small children were so amazing.Rather than feeling bored
they are showing so energetic power than big children
and are working very hard. We all are very happy.


-by kunsang♥♡











Happy children day

First of all HAPPY CHILDREN DAY to you all.
Today is a special day for the children like
us.Early in the morning we prayed to
god for all peoples happiness then we had our
lunch.After that we studied for our upcoming
exam.Then after at noon i guess we were busy
in washing clothes and taking a bath.but some
people were busy in making pancake.As today is
special day MAMA gave us some japanese flour to
make a pancake. No wonder what it was soo delicious.
The pancake was made by KUNSANG and YESHI.
I think all the people liked the pancake because
the taste was beyond awesome!!!!!!Likewise i can see
all the happy smile on the TCP children face
especially the young one.

Once again HAPPY CHILDREN DAY to all the people!!!!

-by khando

Little Improvement

After a heavy debris fall,though we had a little problem,
at last we succed to make a wall.It finished after 4 day.
It is much better now because if it wasnt made faster
there may be high chance of thief entering in our house.
But now at least we are feeling safer than before.
Though the wall is made, still there is little more problem
in drinking water and water pipe.We are still working hard
for a better look.
Now we are cleaning the drainage system because many
mud is still blocking the drainage system.In order to remove
the mud, we are cleaning it.This time small children are also
helping to clean the drainage system.
Just look at their face and that beautiful smile.
I think they really enjoy cleaning.Rather than thinking that
its an difficult work, they are enjoying themselve playing in the
mud.Though there is a little more work left to do,we are feeling
more comfortable so i guess there is no need to worry about us.
-by khando

Thank You Les-World Group

love you leworld
This time some Japanese group called LES -WORLD
came to t.c.p for us.There were all together 12 members
from LES-WORLD.We had lots of fun with them.
We sang lots of japanese song and did lots of
japanese dance with them.
We really love japanese people.They are very kind
and helpful one.LES-WORLDs group were also very
nice and kind. MINNA DAISUKE DESU.
We did painting together with LES-WORLD group.
Not only singing and dancing but we also did
painting. We painted our wall.It looks very
beautiful and colourful. I think PEMA really
enjoyed painting because OH MY GOD look at
his face and that beautiful smile.
-by khando

Improvement after debris flow

This is the condition after the debris flow .
Every thing is soo messed up and we can find mud everywhere .
The environment is soo degraded.

Yesterday we really worked hard to arrange all
the bricks which came from the damaged fence after the heavy rainfall.
The members of a group named" LESWORLD
"also helped us to arranged those bricks .
Therefore we are very thankful for them.
Not only them , Ogawa sensei 's husband also helped us
for making a drainage so that the rain water can flow through it .
That was a very nice IDEA of his.
We are very thankful for him too.
The LESWORLD group even bought 50 jars of mineral water .
That was very kind of them .
The condition right now is quite better .
The under ground water is available and we are also trying our best .
So please don't worry about us.

by :Yeshi

Debris Fall

garden.jpgYesterday night there was a
huge rainfall.The rainfall started at 10p.m at night
when we were about to sleep.No wonder how the
rainfall occured for so long time.I think it rained for
more than 4 hours.We were soo scared but we slept.
So at 12 p.m rainfall was soo danger.The wall broke out.
I think it is due to the garden behind our house.
Actually the garden didnt have a water to pass throgh
so the water was full in the garden and the
water passed through it and the wall
broke out.
Not only the wall our whole surrounding and garden was
destroyed.Our two tanks as well as our drinking water machine
has also been damaged.Its impossible to survive without the
water.Due to the mud of the garden, the mud enter into the
government water tgat we drink.Its soo difficult now.
Not only the garden and surrounding, but it also affected
our house. our water passing area are all blocked with bricks
and mud.Not only this the water enter the
kitchen and to different rooms of our house.It even entered MAMA
room and she said that she couldnt barely sleep that night.It is being a soo
DIFFICULT now.Its really a tough life without water.

It actually that we even didnt knew it because
we were already slept.So early in the morning
when we woke up we saw all the mess and consult it to mama.
though it really difficult to remake it we are
just trying to make it a look better and looking
forward for better and faster method.Its
rteally difficult.
=by khando

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