Debris Fall

garden.jpgYesterday night there was a
huge rainfall.The rainfall started at 10p.m at night
when we were about to sleep.No wonder how the
rainfall occured for so long time.I think it rained for
more than 4 hours.We were soo scared but we slept.
So at 12 p.m rainfall was soo danger.The wall broke out.
I think it is due to the garden behind our house.
Actually the garden didnt have a water to pass throgh
so the water was full in the garden and the
water passed through it and the wall
broke out.
Not only the wall our whole surrounding and garden was
destroyed.Our two tanks as well as our drinking water machine
has also been damaged.Its impossible to survive without the
water.Due to the mud of the garden, the mud enter into the
government water tgat we drink.Its soo difficult now.
Not only the garden and surrounding, but it also affected
our house. our water passing area are all blocked with bricks
and mud.Not only this the water enter the
kitchen and to different rooms of our house.It even entered MAMA
room and she said that she couldnt barely sleep that night.It is being a soo
DIFFICULT now.Its really a tough life without water.

It actually that we even didnt knew it because
we were already slept.So early in the morning
when we woke up we saw all the mess and consult it to mama.
though it really difficult to remake it we are
just trying to make it a look better and looking
forward for better and faster method.Its
rteally difficult.
=by khando

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