瓜 (Gourd)

kati thulo laauka
Our one of the neighbour have planted gourd
in their garden near our house and the gourd
has grown inside our house. it has grown very big.
our neighbour already gave us 2 big gourd and it
was really tasty. it is organic and it is also very
good for our health. they told us that we will
eat the gourd together. their gourd was too
big and i wonder if we can also plant that big
gourd. now a days we have also plant many
vegetables in our kitchen garden and our
vegetables are not as big as our neighbiours
gourd. and we are always watering it so it would
grow very big.

By- Numo

Boys working hard


These day as the boys are feeling bored
so they went to BUDANILKANTHA for a camp!!
They stayed there for about 5 days!!They not only
had fun there but they also did so many hard work.


They worked at field and planted lots of vegetable
so that it will be benefited for us later.Though they had
fun they told us that it was somehow hard work.
They made different table and chairs as well by
bamboo.They really worked hard!

-By Khando

かるま と ぎやむつぇ



When Acha Tsering went to boudha as holiday
we wanted to eat japanese food as we wont get
chance to eat japanese food because she
cant prepare it. she went for holiday around 6 days
and in this 6 days we ate different kinds of japanese
food like tempura, furikhake and miso soup. Among
them tempura was the best dish.
This tempura was made by Mama, khando, dechen and
pemba. we made tempura from different vegetables
like potatoes, sausage, siso leaf, bringle, mushroom,
bittergaurde, etc. Sausage tempura was the most
delicious tempura among them. I want to eat tempura
again when Acha Tsering is on holiday.

By- Numo

Custard Purin

Today is saturday so we were free as we dont have online courses!!
Anyway today small children did online practice of computer with
Sayuri San and we later did Online talking with Frances! It has been
long sice we didnt talk with Frances because she was really busy
with her work.Anyway we got today to talk with her so we were very happy!!


So today we made PURIN. PURIN is Japanese name for
crème caramel or custard pudding.We made it but it was our
first time so it didnt go well.Anyway we had lots of fun while
making PURIN!!


It was hard because it was our first time.And i hope it
will be tasty!!

Eager to eat PURIN!!

-BY khando

Japanese study

There is nothing to do in this holiday. we cannot go to
school and we dont have online classes of all the subjects
in a day. there are only four subjects which is about 45
minutes in a day. but we study four diferent subjects on
sunday ,monday,tuesday and study four different subjects
on wednesday, thursday, friday . but there is holiday on saturday.

That is why we have started to study japanese every day.
these pictures are the homework of kunsang, chuzum,
and kunga who are studing in grade 3. they have write
about insects in japanese.

They studys very hard every day and they always
does their home work very nicely and that makes
mama very happy. Because mama teaches us
japanese, she is really thankful to us.


By- Numo




field 2
Every vegetables in our small kitchen garden was eaten.
so we planned to grow some more vegetables. The one
who didnt have online classes helped in the kitchen garden
to plant vegetables. and we helped in the garden after our
online classes. Every one of us worked together and the
work completed very fast. It didnt take lots of time.

field 1
We planed different kinds of vegetables like green spanish,
potatoes, carrots, turnip,sweet potatoes etc. while working
in the garden we had lots of mosquito bite. but still we
enjoyed working in the garden.

By- Numo

Rice cleaning

rice 1
As mama bought many sacks of rice, the shopkeeper has cheated
mama and they have mixed the low quality rice and good quality
rice together.so there was so many dust and insects too. it is
not good to throw the rice so we always work hard to clean
those rice.

rice 2
We have already cleaned many sacks of rice and now we are
about to finish cleaning all the rice sacks. we had been cleaning
those rice every afternoon after our lunch. it is fun to clean rice
with every one.



OMUSUBI is an online talk event, when people from different
countries meet up and enjoy communication. the purpose of
this event is to learn about cultural differences,to understand
our own cultures more deeply and to enjoy talking with people
from different countries.
There were 5 days event but we joint the event only 2 times
because we had online exam.this time me, kunsang and khando
joined this event which is organized by the students of CLARK
memorial international high school.in this event we exchange
our culture with different countries. People from different
countries like Japan, Nepal, Brazil, Australia, Africa etc joined
this event.We had lots of fun in this event. we talked about our
culture and learned others culture too. we talked in japanese
language as well as in english. We had group division and i was
in group D,khando was in different group C and kunsang was in
group A. we also played games and we really enjoyed joining this
We learned many cultures of Japan and different countries. At the
end of the event, we had< free talk> and it was more interesting.
we talked with each other and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks to the organizer miss Yuki.


Online study with Sayuri San

Today we did online study with sayuri san ..Today she
taught small children about computer ..Todays class was
from 12:30 to about 2:00.So we made two group.One group was
Lhakpa and Pemba and the guider of that group was KHando .
Another group was Norgay and Dechen and the guider of that
group was Chuzum.


So today we learnt about computer and some other
fun things..Anyways it was soo helpful and kind of fun to
young one..They were so happy to learn about computer.
I had also lots of fun guiding them.



Online exam

online exam
This year we are having online exam for the first time. in our
online exam we have to turn on our video and audio. It was
our first time to give online exam and at first we were quite
afraid but now we think that online exam is not so hard. The
question were like . We did all the
questions without leaving a single question. and we studing our
best for this online exam.

By- Numo



Japanese Study

Numo didi
During this lockdown we have nothing to do then
studying and eating. so we have started to study
japanese with mama. we have altogether three
groups. one in the morning,one at 3pm and one
at night.

3 class japanese
These three groups are of different level.
morning students study in grade 2. at 3pm
pemba teaches the small kids and the evening
students study in grade 3 now. we are all working

By- Numo

Taking bee by hand


One neighbourhood near our house is keeping a lot of bee..
As the bee love living in tree rather than box soo they escapsed
and came to TCP tree and settle and make there home..As time went
the owner of bee knew that their bee was in our home,They asked us
whether they can take back it or not..??Then we said ok..
pagal jai

Then they came to TCP and to suprised they took all the
honeybee by their hand.We were so amazed and suprised as
well.It was soo dangeroeus though nothing happen to them.
They catch the bee with their naked hand.


-BY khando

Rice cleaning

pro haru ho k hami

Mama bought many sack of rice thinking that we would
get trouble if the lockdown extend more.So the other sack of
rice were fine but the one that mama bought later was mixed
with insect and many other dust.They actually cheated us ...
Though we always bought from that shop today they cheated on us.
We had nothing to do soo we take out the rice from the sack and
started cleaning it.The sack with the dust were 2 sack which each
contain 50 kg.Though it was a little hard we cleaned them all..It took
about 4 days total.

-By numo


japanese gang

私たちは もうすく 8月22日に日本人とはなしするの

tashi baka and don

そして ママが私たちに しつもんをしました。私たちは





Norgay and Karma

handsome vai
While we were studing online classes, the small kids helped to
clean our garden. some childen cut the long grasses and some
of them helped in our small kitchen garden.

flying jatt
Karma and Norgay helped us to remove the water that was
collected in our kitchen garden. they seems to be very happy.
they played with the muds and told that it is very fun.



flour group

This friday we tried to make a biscuit at our home.As we did not
know the way to make biscuit, mama watched the recipe from
youtube and taught us how to make it.First of all we make a dough
from flour then roll it and make a shape for it.We should remember
to make the dough abit thick.After that we should putit in an oven.


And we should keep it for about 15 minute until it became
a little bit dark in color.We can make it of various kind or taste.
This time we made two kind of bisciut .One was plain biscuit another
was of chocolate with nuts inside it.Though it was our first we made
it good..It was not that much tasty but its ok because it was our first time .
Anyway , we enjoyed a lot.


-By khando

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